Friday, July 24, 2009

Our family vacation

In the subway on the way to Manhattan

The boys riding the subway for the first of many times. To get from Queens (my cousin's place)to
manhattan we had to take a bus and a train.

We got to go on a family vacation to visit my cousin in New York City this summer. We left on the 30th of june and came home on July 11th. I had been to New York 4 times before but it was Chris' first time over there. I was so excited not only about going on a trip, but about going to a place that is really dear to my heart. The very first time I left Brazil, was my first experience when I was on my own for a few months and it was in New York City. Ok, I wasn't completly on my own, I was staying at my cousin's house, she gave me all the support I needed and helped me figure out how to get around, but after all, she had to work and I got to be on my own on most of my activities. Anyway, my experience in NY when I was 18 years old made me fall in love with the US and that's when I decided I wanted to study English. Thanks to the fact that my dear cousin still lives there, I have been able to visit her throughout the years.

Well, we had a great time during the 11 days we spent there we got to see a lot of fun places and we got to spend time with my cousin Marcia and some dear friends, Magali, Aline, Mayra, her husband and their dautgher Isabel. Because we visited so many places and took so many pictures I'm going to try and space it out in several postings. As we all know I'm not very good at finding time for blogging so good luck to all of us, maybe in the next several months I'll post all of our trip!

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Fisher Family said...

Que legal que voces estao aproveitando! Eu ainda quero conhecer NY um dia!