Monday, March 31, 2008

We love Las Vegas!

Our Trip to Vegas

So we finally had a weekend where both Chris and I were off on Saturday so we decided to go on a little trip. It was short because Chris had to be back to work sunday night but we had so much fun! We stayed at the Tropicana Hotel on the 19th floor, from where we had a great view of Las Vegas. We left our house Saturday at 5 am, and the boys slept most of the way there. Our first stop was at the Air Force Base, where we went into the BX, did a little shopping and got the boys out of their PJ's and ready for the day! We also changed from our winter clothes into our shorts and flip flops!! From there we went to see Uncle David who was at work, we got to visit with him for a little while and he gave us some directions and tips and we went on to our activities! Our first visit was to the Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, where we got to see 5 beautiful dolphins, we were all in love with them! It was hard to tell which one of us was the most excited every time they would swim towards us! We had a lot of fun and took lots of pictures! I think Heavenly Father must have been really inspired when he created those beautiful animals! We also got to see some pretty tigers, lions and leopards. The boys had lots of fun and just that alone was woth the trip to Vegas! From there we went to check into our hotel and got ready for the pool where Allen was the only brave one to get into the water. He had a lot of fun playing in the pool. At night we were all so tired we decided to eat dinner at the hotel and enjoy our jacuzzi tub and just relax in the room. On Sunday morning we had a late start, enjoyed the swimming pool for a couple of hours and then got back on the road. We wanted to have some time to stop in St. George and visit with Aunt and Uncle Barchi and Uncle Geore. It was fun to see them and visti for a little while. The boys were in their best behavior and impressed them all. We were so proud of them! The drive back took a little longer since the boys were awake we had to allow Allen a few potty brakes and we also drove through some rain, snow and fog. But we got home safely and with just enough time for Chris to have a quick shower and head to work.
Thanks Nana for watching our dogs while we were out having the time of our lives!


The boys were so excited for Easter, specially Allen who got to do an easter egg hunt and to color eggs at preschool a few days before easter! On Saturday night we had our good friends, Sena's, over for dinner. We had an egg hunt and the kids got to color some eggs, it was lots of fun! On Easter moning the boys looked for their baskets as soon as they got up and they were so happy with what they found! They got to go to the MTC with mommy and played quietly as she interpreted a relief societ meeting. Afterwards they got to play on the Temple grounds for a little bit while waitting for daddy who had to go in to work for a couple of hours. In the afternoon we went to Nana's house for a family barbecue. We had fun with another easter egg hunt, and enjoyed playing with Nana, Grandma Payne, Angela and Mindi. We were sad to miss Jill who had to work and Anna's family who came over after we had left. Hopefulle we'll get to see them sometime soon. Thanks Nana for the great day!

Spring Time!!!

As spring comes around and the sun comes out the kids have been able to play outside a lot! They have been having so much fun running after bubbles, playing ball and riding their bike and tricycle! They also like to draw with chalk on the ground in our backyard. They planted a little seed during class in primary and we have been watching it grow into a little plant. They love to see how much it's growing, Allen says that it's growing just like him!