Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Allen's birthday party!

Allen is now 4 years old!! I can't believe how fast he's growing up! He's been such a joy in our lives, he's a sweet and loving little boy who loves to play with mommy and daddy and loves to make us laugh. He's also a wonderful big brother who takes good care of his little brother Christian. To celebrate his 4th birthday we did as on previous years, invited his friends and family to a little brazilian party! We had coxinhas, pasteis, paes de queijo, brigadeiros, moranguinhos e uvinhas! The theme for this year's party was Spider Man, one of his favorite action figures, we had little spider man masks for all the kids along with spider man stickers, pencils and a cool spider man cake! The kids had fun playing together and we really enjoyed visiting with our family and friends! Thanks everyone for coming! Allen really understood this year that it was HIS birthday party and that everyone was there for HIM! He also really loved all of his presents, thank you! Pictures coming soon.

The Circus

The Circus came to town and I couldn't miss the chance to take my 3 boys to the circus for the first time!!! We were all so excited! It was a small circus with simple presentations but it was worth it, Allen really enjoyed the animals, specially the elephant, the malabarists, clowns and the bikers. I couldn't believe on the 10 year old boy riding the bike inside the metal ball with three other bikers in there! It was a fun day! The boys got to eat cotton candy and Allen even got to ride on the Elephant! It was the ride of a lifetime!!! After the Circus we went to get some dinner at the boy's favorite place: McDonald's! They love playing on their playground!

Mini Golf

So we decided to take the kids to play miniature golf, we had so much fun at trafalga! Allen really enjoyed the game while Christian had fun just running around! Allen got really good at hitting the ball with his club at the starting point and then picking it up and placing it right by the hole where he'd once again hit the ball and win!!!! Christian on the other hand didn't want to have to hit the ball at all so he'd just walk right to the hole and place his ball in it and celebrate!! We all had a good laugh! It had been a long time since we'd been there. Trafalga was actually where Chris and I went on our very first date after having enjoyed a delicious japanese meal that he prepared. I wish I had not forgotten to take the camera with us! Sorry...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So, Chris called me at work yesterday and said that Allen had just made a joke! Allen told daddy that he needed something (Chris couldn't remember what it was) and Chris said: Me too! Allen then said: Me three daddy!!!
It was so funny! Our little boy is getting so big! I can' t believe he's going to be for in just 2 1/2 weeks!
Christian is also growing so fast, he is talking so much! He repeats everything Allen says or does! He now loves to watch Diego, it's really the only TV show he enjoys so far. He talks back to Diego and helps him in all his missions! He's also a really good eater, I can't believe how much that little one can eat! He's such a daddy's boy, anytime daddy sits down to eat anything he climbs on his lap to eat from his plate. Allen on the other hand is a big mommy's boy, he has certain things and times that only mommy is allowed to help him with, he makes us laugh!