Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Circus

The Circus came to town and I couldn't miss the chance to take my 3 boys to the circus for the first time!!! We were all so excited! It was a small circus with simple presentations but it was worth it, Allen really enjoyed the animals, specially the elephant, the malabarists, clowns and the bikers. I couldn't believe on the 10 year old boy riding the bike inside the metal ball with three other bikers in there! It was a fun day! The boys got to eat cotton candy and Allen even got to ride on the Elephant! It was the ride of a lifetime!!! After the Circus we went to get some dinner at the boy's favorite place: McDonald's! They love playing on their playground!


Cecilia Mills said...

Was that the Spanish Fork Circus??? Sounds like you guys had tons of fun!

Jill Marie, Angela & Mindi said...

Looks like you all had a great time. We will have to check out the circus next time it is in town.

Jill Marie, Angela and Mindi