Wednesday, April 9, 2008


So, Chris called me at work yesterday and said that Allen had just made a joke! Allen told daddy that he needed something (Chris couldn't remember what it was) and Chris said: Me too! Allen then said: Me three daddy!!!
It was so funny! Our little boy is getting so big! I can' t believe he's going to be for in just 2 1/2 weeks!
Christian is also growing so fast, he is talking so much! He repeats everything Allen says or does! He now loves to watch Diego, it's really the only TV show he enjoys so far. He talks back to Diego and helps him in all his missions! He's also a really good eater, I can't believe how much that little one can eat! He's such a daddy's boy, anytime daddy sits down to eat anything he climbs on his lap to eat from his plate. Allen on the other hand is a big mommy's boy, he has certain things and times that only mommy is allowed to help him with, he makes us laugh!


J.A.M (Jill Marie, Angela and Mindi) said...

He is growing up so fast, maybe to fast---It is cute that he is making jokes. What a cute little family that you have.
I love you and miss you all TONS! I hope that we are able to get together soon.

Love you all,

J.A.M (Jill Marie, Angela and Mindi) said...

I too agree that it has been to long since we have gotten together. I love reading your blog and getting all the little stories but would rather hear about them in person.

It is neat that Christian is Daddy's boy while Allen is mommy's boy... They are soooooooooo cute, I miss them soooooooo much.

Hope to see you all soon!
Aunt Minna

Cecilia Mills said...

I'm so happy I finally found your blog!!! I loved seeing the Las Vegas pictures, looks like you guys had a fun time! I also loved the "joke", kids are so kids always make me laugh too! Make sure to leave me a comment next time you visit my blog!

McCarthas said...

Cute :)

berrymom said...

I love it when they start trying to be funny! That is so cute!