Monday, October 13, 2008

First month in Brazil!!

Now we've been in Recife for just over a month. People around here can't belive how dark I am. They keep joking saying that Chris is going to say that somebody took his family and sent some black kis and wife back to him... hehe!! The boys have really enjoyed playing at the beach and swimming pool. They love to bury their toys in a sand cake and then destroy the cake and start all over. They've grown to really like the ocean even when it's high, I take one, my mom takes the other and we go in the water and jump high when the "giant waves" come, They laugh so much!!!

They have adjusted a lot more to most of the people here, the family and relatives that they see more often, they know their names and even ask about them when we don't see them for a few days.

They have thankfully slept really well since we've been here, but they like to stay up till about 11 sometimes, specially on days that they had a nap late in the afternoon, those days used to be really hard for me because by 9 I'm ready for bed, but now, they have learned to go to sleep with their grandparents, so I can go to bed when I feel like it and they stay up and have some more fun. When they fall asleep my mom and Joao Pedro put them on their bed.

At the malls here there is a little play area where you can check you kids in while you go shopping, or you can stay there and play with them, either way, we pay by the hour and there is lots of toys and friends for them to play with. The boys really like to visit those places, they have dress up clothes, including their favorite: Spiderman suits! Allen is always asking to go dress up like spider man. They get to jump on a kids size trampolin, among other things.

Their Portuguese is coming really slowly. They can say words but not sentences yet. They can understand a little more than before we got here but hopefully it will get better. I'd put them in school if it didn't cost about $300 per kid a month. Can you believe that?

About my pregnancy now... Everything is going well, I can feel the baby move a lot and had an ultrasound done about a week ago. The sex? Oh yeah, you probably want to know!! It's another boy!!! It won't be easy to pick another boy name, but we're happy to know that the boys will have another best friend! Allen has decided to name the baby Harry, but I don't see that really becoming his name, we'll see...

For those of you who have been anxious to know when I'm going to Trindade, I finally have a date, we're taking the bus with my dad on the night of the 28th, we're excited.

Love and miss you all,


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our first couple of weeks in Brazil

Well, it's been a while since I've posted anything, I had planned on trying to cacth up with some of the happenings in the last few months but since now we are in Brazil and the pictures are already accumulating, I've decided to forget the past and move on to our vacation Blogging!!!!!

Unfortunately Chris couldn't come with us at this time, he is currentely in Missouri going through his military tech school. He's been kind of borred there and we've been blessed to be able to talk on the msn daily. He loves to see the kids and their funny doings!!!!

The boys and I decided to take the chance, since we couldn't be with our sweet daddy, and visit our family and friends in Brazil.'kkkk,mm.kllb m mv mvm that was Allen's contribution to our post!!

We've been in Recife for 2 weeks now, we've really enjoyed visiting with our family and playing at the beach. The beach is definetely our favorite activity, the boys love the ocean, they like the big waves but they specially like it when it's down, with the rocks forming little swimming pools where they can safely play without any worries. They also enjoy digging on the sand and builind "sand men".
We have also been fishing since we got here and Allen was lucky enough to catch a fish, he was the only one on our party of 7 to catch anything that day.

Enjoy the pictures!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Springville Canival

Hi everyone!!!

Several weeks ago we had a little carnival here in Springville, I could pass the chance to take the boys to have some fun!!! It was their first time on a carnival, I was sure that Allen was going to have a blast, but due to the experience we had at the zoo when I tried to get Christian on the carroussel and he got really scared, I was afraid he wouldn't like. But for my great surprise, he totally loved it!!!!! He loved all of the rides and got really mad because I didn't let him go on the roller coaster with Allen! Maybe next year!!! They had a really fun afternoon playing together and laughing!! It was great to see!

Oi pessoal!!!

Algumas semanas atras um parque de diversoes veio a nossa cidade e eu resolvi levar as criancas! Achei que seria um passeio legal e divertido pra eles. Foi a primeira vez que eles foram a um parque desse tipo, eu sabia que o Allen iria adorar mas nao tinha certeza se o Christian iria gostar tambem, pois alguns dias antes, eu tinha tentado coloca-lo no carrossel no zoologico e ele tinha ficado com medo. Mas pra minha surpresa ele simplesmente adorou!!!! Os dois curtiram bastante todos os brinquedos, o Christian so chorou quando eu nao deixei ele ir na montanha russa, achei que ele ainda era muito pequeno! O Allen gostou muito da montanha russa, foi 2 vezes!! Foi otimo ve-los se divertindo e brincando juntos!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Playing at home

The boys just love to play together, they love to paint as well as play outside in their sandbox and their little swimming pool. Here are some pictures of a regular day at home!

Os meninos adoram brincar juntos, eles gostam de pintar e adoram brincar la fora, com areia e agua! Aqui vao algumas fotos de um dia normal em casa!

Trip to Cabela's

So Chris had never been to Cabela's so we decided to go over there for the kids to see all the fish and the animal displays! We took Nana with us and we all had lots of fun!!
Cabela's e uma loja de coisas para acampamento, caca, pesca, todo tipo de atividades que chamamos "outdoors", eles tem la um aquario bem legal com peixes de todos os tamanhos, cores e tipos, tambem tem um monte de animais empalhados que a criancada adora ver, nos fomos la pra uma visita!!