Monday, May 26, 2008

Check City barbecue

Yesterday we had a U220 &U80 barbecue at Linda's house. We had a really good turn out with most of the 2 stores employees and our families attending. The kids all got along really well and had lots of fun playing together. Everyone contributed with side dishes or desserts and everything was delicious! Linda walked the kids across the street to see the llama, goats and ducks that her neighbor raises. The kids all loved to see the animals. Thanks Linda for hosting this great gathering and thanks everyone for coming!

Allen went fishing

So Allen's preschool went on a field trip to a fishing place, it was Allens first time fishing and he had so much fun. Julie said that he was so excited when he caught the fish and as they took it out of the hook it feel on the ground and he got down as fast as he could and grabbed the fish with his hands. When I picked him up from preschool he was so excited to show me his fish and very proud of it too. When we got home we took some pictures on with the fish is already gutted. And he helped me cook it. He also thought it was really cool when I was eating the fish and got the bones out of it. He didn't even want to try it.

Mini Golf again

Chris got home from his last TDY on a friday night, just over a week ago), the kids were already asleep so they were so happy to wake up in the morning and find daddy home. When we talked about what to do to celebrate daddy's return Allen asked to go miniature golfing. It was lots of fun and we actually got pictures this time.