Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Heidi's Birthday!!!!

So it's time to celebrate me!!!! My birthday has always been a big deal to me, my parents always celebrated it with a nice party with lots of kidsm, foods and games, just as I try to do for my kids. But now that I'm all grown up and have my own kids's birthday party to celebrate I should just stop celebrating my birthday right? Wrong!!! I'll always celebrate it as much as I can! This year is a special one because I just turned 30!!! I still can't believe it! I don't feel like 30 (most days)! So Chris, my wonderful husband, decided to surprise me with a little going away celebration. He arranged with our Friends Fernanda and Taylor Fisher to have our boys over night so that we could get away for a romantic celebration. We dropped the kids off around 4 and headed to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner: Olive Garden. Chris doesn't really love it so we don't get to go there very often. Our meals were wonderful but it was just the beginning of our party! From there we went to our final destination, The Anniversary Inn on South Temple. He had reserved the Savanna Nights room. For those of you who don't know the anniversary inn bed and breakfast, it's a beautiful and romantic inn in Salt Lake (it has a few other locations) they have theme rooms that are really neat, their website is http://www.anniversaryinn.com/ .

We had such a wonderful time, we watched movies and had cheesecake. They also bring breakfast to our room at the time we schedule it for. They have a selection of movies that we can pic from and watch them for free. We had a balcony in our room with a beautiful view and a very relaxing jetted tub. It was the best birthday ever!! I did miss my boys a lot, but I was happy to know that they were in good hands and having fun with Talan and Ariel. They had their first sleep over! They slep through the night, which doesn't always happen and when we got there to pic them up we got big hugs, kisses and smiles but Allen still wanted to stay and play more!! Thank you Taylor and Fernanda for taking such great care of our boys and allowing Chris and I to enjoy some quality time together.


johnandtiffani said...

Happy Birthday!! We're glad it was so much fun and that you were able to relax as well!!

Cecilia said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you guys had tons of fun!!! Fernanda is the best, I never worry when she is watching my kids.
I'm glad you got to celebrate the big 30's in such a special way. Two more years for me!!!Yeah!

Karin said...

How fun! Good for Chris for making it a special, memorable day for you!