Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sand Box and more

This week we had a couple of really warm days and as usual I tried to get the kids outside to play as much as possible! We have a sand volley ball cort in our condominium and the kids like to use it as a "big giant sand box" so we walked over there with some beach toys for the boys to enjoy the nice day. We played there for a while untill some other kids started coming outside to play too. Allen had a shovel and so did Christian, along with some other toys. As other kids came around they Christian dropped his shovel to go run around with them a little girl came over and picked up the toy Christina had left behind, as soon as Allen saw the little girl he run after her and said: "Hey, that's Bebe's toy!" It was so funny to see his face defending his brother's belongings! I told him it was ok to share because Christian was done playing with it and he then said: "Ok, you can play with it now!" and became best friends with the little girl! That kid makes friends like nobody else! Next time we go to the send box I'll take some pictures.
As some of you know Chris has been out of town since sunday, he went on a TDY to Seattle. It's been a hard week without him, we miss him a lot but we have been blessed with wonderful help from Mindi, Angela, Jill, Nic and Julie who have been kind of taking turn watching the boys so that I can go to work. All of them also work full time and have been spending all of their free time with the boys. Thanks a lot to all of you!!! this trip was kind of last minute and Chris gladly accepted it. His work has been great at giving him time off for his military duties!
The boys are having a great time at the JAM's household and Allen has a new best friend: Nic. He is all Allen talks about since he spent some time with him yesterday. Nic knows the spider man song that Allen had only heard a little part of it and he was so amazed to hear the whole thing. Yesterday he had his Preschool program and only left Nic and Minna with the promise that they would be coming to his program, as we drove off he kept looking back and asking where is Nic? I told him they would come meet us at the school in a little while. We got some food at McDonald's and as soon as he got out of the car at the School parking lot he looked around and asked: Where is Nic? It was funny!
Unfortunatly during the program when he noticed the room gettin full of people he didn't know he called for me and said he didn't want to sit up there. We were able to keep him up tehr ebut he wouldn't sing or participate, he was extremely tired and intimidated by all the "strangers". For what I've heard, he was kind of following on his daddy's footsteps who took part of this same program a number of years ago and cried like a baby before deciding to participate!! Anyway, there is always next time! The program was beautiful and I got a couple of pictures of him sitting up there with his friends. I'll post them soon. We also got to see a self portrate he had made at the beggining of the school year along with one he made now, at the end and we could see great improvement! He has for sure learned a great deal since he started preschool. Thanks Nana and Miss Linda for the wonderful job you both do at Achiever Preschool!


Myrthes said...

Dear daughter,

We loved the Allen's birthday. Congratulations!!! You're very good mother and did a good and simple party.
Many kisses for you, Allen, Christian and Chris.
God blessing you,
vovo and vuvu

Jill Marie, Angela & Mindi said...

We have loved being with the boys, we need to spend more time with them. It has been a great week-each of us have enjoyed loving on them. We took some pictures of them this week and we are going to post them on our blog soon.

Love you all,
Jill Marie, Angela, Mindi and Nic

Cecilia said...

Wow, I didn't know Chris was out of town! Let me know if you need any help!