Friday, July 24, 2009

More of our family vacation

The bull, symble of the strenght of wall street.

Lady Liberty from a different spot.

Right behind us is the construction site for the freedom towers, old world trade center spot.

The statue of liberty seen from the bridge.

All of us on a city tour, at the brooklyn end of the brooklyn bridge.

Still by the bridge, behind the boys is where the world trace center used to stand. They were my very favorite thing in NY.

In front of the building where Jhon Lenon lived and was killed.

Strawberry fields at Central Park, it's a memorial to Jhon Lenon made by his wife after his death.

We went on a city tour which quickly showed us the main touristic attractions helping us decide what places we wanted to go back and visit on our own.

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Melinda said...

WOW, looks like a lot of fun! Someday we will have to tag along! HEHEHE! Love you all!