Sunday, July 26, 2009

A family favorite

Us in the ferris Wheel inside Toys r Us.

It was a nice ride

Allen loved the Transformer's aisles!

For the dinossaurs lovers: make sure you watch the video.

During our stay in NY we walked around Times Square a lot, but the one store that had us going back every time we were there was Toys r us! That may seem silly since we have a toys r us close to us and avoid taking the kids there unless we are ready to spend money! But the Times Square Toys r us is the biggest one in the country and it has so many attractions that we can easily spend hours walking around and leave the store with happy kids without having to buy anything.


Cecilia said...

I'm happy to see you are posting again! Looks like you guys had a blast in NY, how fun!

Melinda said...

Look at all the great adventures your little family enjoys together!

Loved you all,