Thursday, January 24, 2008

So I finally decided to adopt the "Blog" thing!

Christian finally said "Mama" for the first time yesterday!!! He was really tired and ready to nurse and go to sleep while I insisted on trying to get a few more things done before retiring. So he looked at me with a sweet face and said mama? Like who asks will you do it if I say what you've been asking me to say for weeks?!!! It was so funny! He said it several times in the few minutes while we're getting ready for bed. His vocabulary grows daily, it's so cute to see him saying his little words like Lala (that's what both him and Allen call our dog Bella), ball, vovo (grandma in portuguese), let's go, bubble, goal (as in soccer score), daddy( he said that a few times but hasn't really said it since the first couple of days), juice, eat, bye bye, yes...
His very favorite thing to do is to play in the bath tub, he can do that for quite a long time. Sometimes the water starts getting cold and I refill the tub with warm water because he's still not ready to come out. He loves to play with Lala but Allen is his very best friend! He likes to do any and everything he sees Allen doing. He follows him every where and loves to play ball or tickles with him! He is going to be 18 months next month and will finally be able to go to nursery at church, we're really excited about that because he always wants to stay there when we drop Allen off for class.
Allen is a little over 31/2 now, he is as sweet as always and is growing like crazy! Today I took him to play in a play ground and another little boy who was playing over there said he was his very best friend, it was so fanny!! Allen loves to play with friends, his favorite thing to do is to go to Preschool where he gets to be around other kids and also gets to spend time with Nana. He has been learning so much in Preschool and he talks a lot! He can say everything now. And he repetes everything he hears too so we have to be very carefull with what's on TV and things like that. He's also on that what and why pahse. He needs to know the why for everything and when we answer he asks right back, but why? And it can go on forever! He says that Christian is his best friend, but he still calls him bebe (baby in portuguese). We've been going to reading time at the library, that's something we used to do in AR and just now I started taking them to the one here in Springville. His new favorite TV show is Power Ragers, he loves to go around the house acting like one of them. Not just one of them but The Red Power Ranger Over Drive!!!! He also loves Spider Man, Super Man and Diego.
Chris is now working at US Sintetic on the midnight shift, allowing me to work at Check City during the day while he's home with the kids. Chris is also still in the Utah Air National Guard, which he loves. We are both happy with our jobs and completly in love with our little family! Life is great and the only thing that can make it better at the moment would be to sell our home in Arkansas but I don't think that will happen any time soon. For now I guess just renting it out would be nice! I'll try to post some pictures when I have a chance. I have to do that from my home computer which makes it a whole lot harder than just writing which I can do from work.
Hope you guys enjoy our blog, I'll try to update it often!


berrymom said...


I am so glad you are doing a blog. Ours is I can't wait to see pictures of the little ones!

Love, Jen

Myrthes said...

I loved your decision about to do a blog. It's more one chance to me and vuvu to pratice our English and follow the history the Ward Family, day-by-day. We can't wait to see the pictures, because we miss you.

Love, vovó and vuvu

Stoddard Family said...

Glad to see you are doing the blog thing also. Can't wait to see pictures posted.


Mindi said...

We are so glad that you are doing a blog! We love hearing all the exciting update on your family. We cannot wait to see all the pictures; you have such a cute family. We love you all very much!

Your Sisters,
(Jill Marie, Angela and Mindi)

Hope to see you all soon!

Angela said...

So nice to read all the exciting news about your family! It gives me something fun to do! Thanks for making my day - I cannot wait to see the photo's... Tell Chris "Hi", and give the boys a hug!

Love you sis,

Karin said...

Hurray! Welcome to the blog world! I'm excited to keep up with your darling family!

Anonymous said...

Welcome girly girl! This is extremely addicting. Beware. You guys look great! We miss you! 3 weeks and 6 days and you have another nephew!! :)