Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Let see... I don't really have any big news, the boys are doing well, just getting over a mean cold that they had for about a week and a half. Christian has come to understand that mama is a very powerful word since he ends up getting just about anything we wants when he looks at me with his cute little eyes and says "mama?" He has started his love for trains, just like his big brother he goes around the house talking about "tchu tchus" all day long. He is a lot more talkative than Allen used to be at his age, he is always going on and on about things, it's so funny! He has also missed vovo e vuvu a lot (Portuguese for grandma and grandpa) he points to the computer and calls vovo? vovo? He has been responsible for several calls to some of our friends whose numbers are on our phone memory as he manages to find our phone no matter where we put it and accidentally call people. He loves the phone!!! He has started to watch a bit of TV here and there, specially when there is music involved on the cartoons, he absolutely loves to dance! He also really enjoys to help mommy, no matter what he is doing or asking for, if I'm busy with house work I ask him for help and he immediately stops everything and puts his shoulders to the wheel!! He is a hard worker already! So is my big boy Allen, who constantly changes his name from Allen to red power ranger over drive and back to Allen. He has recently learned that he was named after his Papa and he loves to say that his name is Allen like Papa's name! He is such a sweet boy, always willing to help me care for Christian, ready to run and grab me a diaper or patiently wait until I'm ready to do whatever he needs at the time. He is very smart and is learning so much in Preschool. Yesterday about half hour before it was time to take him to school he looked at me and said: "mommy, I'm ready for school!!" I asked what he was going to do at school and he said: "I'll see Nana, my friends and play in the toy room!!" He loves to read and is always bringing me books so that I can read to him. Christian also loves story time. Whenever I'm reading a book Allen will put his head between my face and the book and start pointing out letters that he recognizes, it's so great to see! His favorite letters are the "O" and the "A". He gets really excited when he sees his name written on something. A couple of weeks ago, at church the primary sang during sacrament meeting and it was his first time going up to the stand to sing, he had not practiced because it was his first day in primary too. But he stood up there so tall and smiled to big, really proud of himself! I loved it!!! His first day of primary went really well thanks to his friend Talan who took him by the hand and made him feel very welcome.
I guess I better stop, I can talk about my boys all night because the are so wonderful and they bring me so much joy everyday, but I only have 10 minutes before I have to close the store so I better start getting things ready. I hope you all enjoy this post and as last time I'll have to load up some pictures when I have a chance at home.
Heidi Ward.


J.A.M (Jill Marie, Angela and Mindi) said...

Wow, they are adorable, you are blessed to have such amazing boys!

I love you very much and I really enjoy reading your blogs!

Love you,

Paul, Beth & Claire said...

Hey Heidi, we've never met, but Chris and Paul (my husband)were good friends in HS! You're family is so adorable. We were excited to hear that you are back in UT, but frustrated for you that you aren't able to sell your house. Maybe someday we can get together. Paul's sister is getting married at the end of May or early June so we'll be in Utah then. Take care.

Myrthes said...

Hi dear daughter,

I loved your blog, because I have the oportunity to see the grand son's pictures and read every thing in English.
I love our family. My grand son's are wonderful, cute, beautiful...
Kisses for you, love you,
Myrthes and JPedro