Monday, February 4, 2008

On our way to preschool today I asked if Allen was excited to go to school and he said that he was, I asked what he was going to do at schoo and he said: "I'm going to see my friends" I asked if he had a lot of friends and he said: "lots and lots of friends". I asked if he knew his friends names, he thought about it for a couple of seconds and said: "boys!!" I had to give a good laugh! He comes up with the funniest answers for everything! Christian decided today that he was going to stay at preschool too. He quickley went into the play room and made some friends, and then he went into the learning room and pulled up a chair and sat down, ready to help a little girl who was working on a puzzle! He will love to go to nursery now that he's going to be old enough for it! He has been talking so much, learning lots from his big brother! His newst words are "tickle" and "nana". Oh, a while ago we were at Julie's house and Chris called for her "Mom" and Allen looked at him and said, "no, that's Nana daddy!" we had a good laugh and forgot about it, but the other day I guess he figured out the difference and the looked at me out of nowhere and said: "you are mommy, nana is mom!" Anyway... these are just some of the thousand of cute things the boys have done in the last few days! Hope you enjoy!

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